Now I'll have to shuffle my whole life - again

September 28, 2016

Soul nurturer Sally Williams gave Bella editor Tyla Harrington a tarot reading.

How many times have you wanted to do something new – but stopped short?

Maybe it was trying that spicy chicken on the weekend, or walking into that store you wouldn’t usually be seen dead in.

Then again, it might have been something as dramatically adventurous as tripping halfway around the world to explore some of those seriously off the beaten track places.

While it didn’t mean leaving town, for me catching up with Sally Williams, a soul nurturer, for a tarot reading almost had me stopping at the door, backing down the path, into my car and burning rubber.

I had never done anything like this, and honestly it was everything I thought it wouldn’t be.

And it’s not like I’m new to the ‘spirit world’. My aunty is a clairvoyant and I have – despite now regretting it – dabbled with many Ouija boards in my youth.

Still, walking into the tarot reading I was pretty jittery.

Really, could she tell me anything about myself that was accurate?

And if so, exactly how was she going to pull that off?

Because my Facebook has just about no personal content at all, and I am definitely not an open book person.

So if she was going to get it right she was going to have to do it the fair-dinkum way.

So you can imagine my surprise when Sally started hitting nails on the head.

But it was more than that.

Much more than that.

And you can read about it in the first Bella next month.

While I’ve got you though, it got me thinking.

The only reason I walked into something I was apprehensive was because it was for work.

I had to do it.

There was no backing out.

But maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

And maybe more people should do things there apprehensive about.

After all, as cliché as it sounds, you do only live once.

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