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September 28, 2016

Then check out Wednesday's Riverine Herald.

Because we’ve made it onto the front page – and our release date is locked and ready to roll.

Bella will be inserted into the Riv on February 19.

That means 64 fantastic pages of fun, fashion, features and style – plus a few foodie tips and a fabulous guide to magical makeup with a minimum of fuss.

Girls, we have been given the microphone and your stories will be blasted across the twin towns.

And if you wonder how we created the stunning cover image, Bella photographer Sitthixay Ditthavong will tell you that wasn’t easy.

In fact it took him two weeks of planning and more than four hours of shooting to get that one image he was looking for.

And on the big day it was still a race against the setting sun and the light he needed to weave his magic.

“Bella editor Tyla Harrington and I agreed it had to be edgy, something a little different – I really didn’t want a cover image that could be easily ignored,” Sitt said.

“My personal hope is the magazine evolves into an engaging space where women can think freely about any and every issue that is important to them.

“I want it to be inspirational and aspirational and not limited in its outlook.

“This is why Cassidy McGill was the perfect talent for our first cover. Here we have a local woman who is charismatic, focused, disarmingly beautiful, and about to embark on a bold move to the US to pursue further opportunities there. In many ways, this combination of optimism, beauty, and professionalism is what we aim to capture with Bella,” he added.

He took the words right out of my mouth.

We wanted to produce something that could not be ignored.

And I think Sitt and Cassidy have managed to do just that.

And the inside pages aren’t too bad either.

So mark it in your calendar – February 19 and the first issue of Bella.

See you there.

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