Bella magazine is almost here

September 28, 2016

And have to be honest – shaking hands.

It looks fabulous.

It reads so well.

And it has so much in it for you – both with advertising and editorial.

Truly, in my wildest dreams – and some of those get pretty wild – I did not see it turning out this well.

So you only have four more sleeps and it will be in your copy of the Riv.

For free.

Personally I would happily pay for this – even if I wrote most of it.

Local model Cassidy McGill looks so striking, so edgy, on the cover, setting the tone for everything inside.

Once you get your copy we would love suggestions of any story ideas, fashion tips, cooking cues or anything else you think might interest other Bella readers like you.

Just hook into our Facebook page, like us and start tapping away on your laptop, iPad, smartphone or, if that’s all beyond you, at $1 a shot you can still try the good old snail mail.

We’re already well into the next issue and have some great pieces lined up – from a 20-something local who is now a major player on the Victorian political stage to the blonde bombshell at the controls of 99 Psycho Clowns.

We have gone into a salty cave to see what that’s all about and speak to local word maven Fleur Ferris about what she is working on next.

And with the Echuca Cup coming up at the same time as our April issue we will be calling on some experts to tell you how to win the fashions on the field.

Not just the big ticket parade trackside but also the Bella competition which we will be running live online at the gate as you come in.

We will be photographing anyone who wants to be involved as they enter the course and posting immediately.

Voting will be live and our winner will be announced before the last race.

There will be some brilliant prizes so make sure you get your April Bella, get the tips and get to the races if you want to win.

Until then, early to bed so Friday comes faster and your Bella arrives.

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