Give up the struggle and just be beautiful in yourself

September 28, 2016

Rochester mother of two Carole Ciavarella has evolved from artist to life model.

It's no secret women struggle with body image.

No-one can really blame us either.

Having to compete with frighteningly beautiful women every day can be tiring.

Come on, does Taylor Swift really look that good all the time?

Honestly, it’s all a little bit greedy if you ask me.

On the topic of body image, I saw a recent study which said the majority of women did not believe they were beautiful when asked the question.

Which is – anyway you look at it – sad.

I wonder how many ‘beautiful’ women were in the study.

Honestly though, if asked the question myself, I would say no.

So why are we all so insecure?

Is it because we are over-saturated with images of ‘more’ beautiful women that force us to live up to high expectations?

Expectations that in most cases only exist thanks to a talented person behind a computer screen capable of taking editing to the next level.

But even admitting these expectations are beyond the reach of reality, it still doesn’t stop those ’50 shades of how bad my body looks in this dress’ days.

What did make me stop and think, however, is Rochester mother of two Carole Ciavarella’s story, which features in this month’s Bella edition.

Carole has evolved from artist to life model.

Unlike the rest of us, when she strips off her clothes she doesn’t get anxious.

Because she knows all those eyes staring at her body are just looking at lines and shapes.

There is no judgement.

This middle-aged mother of two has the expected saggy bits but she doesn’t seem to worry – at all.

How nice it would be if we just looked at each other as lines and shapes.

And if lines and shapes were all that mattered, wouldn’t we all be smiling women?

And that dress, well, I wouldn’t need to change it.

Truthfully, my theory of a better world isn’t going to eventuate.

But the next time you look in the mirror and wonder whether your bum does (or probably doesn’t) look big in that, do yourself a favour.

Stop thinking.

Smile, understand that you are beautiful, and walk out the door – head held high.

And grab a piece of chocolate on the way out too.

After all, it’s really just another set of lines and shapes.

Just like us.

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