You won’t know her, but she’s my heroine

September 28, 2016

Rhiannon Campbell's story will feature in next month's Bella magazine.

And for me it was Rhiannon Campbell.

I have just interviewed her for next month’s Bella magazine.

Tragically she lost three of her children – one within the hour of birth and two stillborn.

After all that trauma Rhiannon would finally get her miracle – daughter Jamison Rain arrived two years ago.

But her life seems to have lurched from disaster to disaster – seven months after Jamison arrived so did Rhiannon’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

While Rhiannon’s story would seem ineffably sad; she is not. Nor, at the end of our time together, was I, despite making her once again go through her loss and pain.

For most people Rhiannon would be pegged as a broken woman.

Far from it – she is neither broken, nor defeated.

Rhiannon Campbell is not only a woman who stands tall and proud, she smiles. A lot.

That smile which compels you to return the favour. It is irresistible and makes you feel happy.

That’s the one. And that’s the smile Rhiannon wears.

It’s awe-inspiring.

After the interview Rhiannon told me she shared her story because she wanted to help other women.

She wanted to help give someone strength and show them that although there may not seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, there is.

Little did I realise, or expect, the woman she inspired would be me.

Rhiannon is the pin-up for what every woman should aspire to be – strong, courageous and inspiring.

So many women have been broken by events beyond their control.

And although I can’t speak on behalf of any of them I think, after reading Rhiannon’s story, they too will realise – as Rhiannon did – no matter how dark things seem now, eventually the sun will come out.

You can read Rhiannon’s story in next month’s Bella magazine. She’s also the stunning model on our cover.

So thank you Rhiannon, and thank you for sharing a story so many women need to hear.

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