Who is the Warrior Woman?

October 10, 2016

IT’S NOT OFTEN in publishing you get to have the privilege of sharing stories of such pain and loss which are turned to triumph in the face of even more setbacks.

Yet in this Bella we have one woman who has lived through all that – and has done it all with truly moving, even heartbreaking, milestones.

There are plenty of remarkable stories, and remarkable people, and we bring our readers as many of those as we can.

But few have been through the journey that has been the life of Rhiannon Campbell.

Yet her beautiful face lights up our cover, and we hope her story will lighten your hearts.

It is certainly proof positive that no matter how badly you think your day is going, someone is living through something far worse.

I knew the bullet points of Rhiannon’s story before we met, and was expecting a harrowing experience as I took her through the pain of losing three her children.

But I left there truly uplifted and with this issue in my hand feel proud we have been able to tell you Rhiannon incredible life and her unbelievably upbeat approach to her future.

You might not know her, but after you turn to page 29 and read her story you will never forget her.

She is everything we want to celebrate in Bella, which is why we genuinely feel so privileged to have her on our cover.

But that’s not all this month’s edition has to offer.

It’s 80 pages of great stories and amazing pictures, our regular recipe and our regular columnists.

You can find it all inside Monday’s Riverine Herald.

We hope you enjoy the read.

We’ll see you again in December for our Christmas edition.

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