bella - edition 12

December 18, 2017

This is the final instalment of Bella 100.
What an experience it has been. I don’t think anyone or anything could represent what we’ve been trying to achieve better than Elsie Rowe.
She is the incredible woman on our cover this month, a woman who has seen so much, at times too much, which isn’t surprising given Elsie, now 103, is considered to be the oldest woman in Echuca-Moama.
Born March 10, 1914, just months before World War I began, she lived through the Spanish influenza pandemic that killed millions around the world, was an orphan at 16, endured the Great Depression in the 1920s and ’30s, then World War II.

Then there was the Korean war, Vietnam, peace and love, hippies and flower power, rock and roll, the Cold War and for a woman who grew up with the horse and cart, she would see a man walk on the moon.
She is one of 100 women who have filled our pages since we started the feature in June.

No-one had any idea what it would become.


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